Saturday, January 31, 2009

The SOLD Project

Last night I went to Cornerstone's viewing of The Sold Project.  A series of short documentaries highlighting the exploitation of children in Thailand.  
They explained how poverty and lack of education are key factors in this vicious cycle.  
The SOLD Project has focused their energy on PREVENTION.  They feel the best way to keep children from entering the sex industry, either by force, coercion or default, is by helping to provide an education.  While public education is free in Thailand, many families cannot afford the books and uniforms mandatory for attending school.
The SOLD Project has started a scholarship fund for children in poor high-risk villages.  They have an on-site case manager who assesses the local children's needs, and helps them to apply for the scholarships.  
Last night at Cornerstone ALL the children they had profiles for were sponsored!  However, that does not mean their work is done.  It just means the case manager can keep finding more kids to help.
Check them out.  Also check out the film schedule.  They are on tour, so it just might be coming to a city near you.

Friday, January 23, 2009

300 voices for water

You might have noticed the new little button on the right of my sidebar.  Water For All Seasons.  It's a spinoff of Water For Christmas.  Because there are many of us that can't stop at giving the gift of water - the gift of life, just at Christmas time.  

My friend Jody (well, we've never actually met, and I only "know" her through blogland, but she feels like a friend) is leading the way for those of us who are constantly asking ourselves "what can one person do to make a difference in Africa?"  

She is gathering a team of 300, who will do 2 things.  

1.  Commit to sending $20/month to charity: water.

2.  Share with others about water.

Okay, I guess she is only asking that you commit to #1, but is pretty confident you will just be compelled to do #2.  

This is a team effort.

300 voices going strong.

Can you imagine the power and effect God will have through THREE HUNDRED people passionate about water?  

Water is life.  

300 Voices for LIFE.

Will you join us?

Leave a comment below if you will, then go to HERE  to hear what Jody has to say.  Then go HERE to sign up to be part of the team.

I'm secretly hoping to have a little branch of the 300 right here in the tri-valley.  I am yearning for like-minded friends that will come together who want to DO SOMETHING with me.  Not with their extra time, 'cause none of us have that.  I want a group of us who will sacrifice, and carve out a chunk of our already hectic lives to do something beyond ourselves.  Beyond our families.  Beyond our comfort zones.  Where are you friends?  The ones that think BIG?  

Wow I didn't really plan on calling you all out, but since I am, I might as well do it.  Leave a comment if you're on board.  If it's too uncomfortable for you to leave a comment on my blog, then you're not the Big Thinker I'm looking for.  NO OFFENSE.  

Okay, now I'm going to be nervously watching my empty comment section all week.  You can still comment even if you are not feeling like being part of the 300 voices.  You can still send me a word of encouragement, or tell me that once again I've gone off the deep end =)  That just may very well be true.  

Because I do like to swim.  

Friday, January 16, 2009

This is why

This is why I can't be complacent.
This is why I can't sleep at night.
This is why I have to DO SOMETHING.
This is why you do too.

(first turn down the music player at the bottom of my blog)