Saturday, May 16, 2009

iphone's could help feed people.

I've had this idea brewing for awhile now.  Have you ever been in a store, put something in your cart that you really didn't need, and thought "I would rather send the $3.99 to buy a mosquito net for someone in a malaria-inflicted region, or medications for an HIV infected person", and put it back ont  the shelf?  But then you get home and you don't actually send off the $3.99 to the charity?  

How cool would it be if there was an iphone application, let's call it "icharity", where you could send any amount of money at the touch of a button (or 2) to your charity of choice?  Where you are driving through the drive through at Starbucks, and at the last minute decide "instead of this $3.85 mint mocha frapucchino, I can buy 22 meals for the hungry in Uganda through Children's Hope Chest".   And you can do it RIGHT THEN.  

I've been dreaming about it this.  So I finally decided to google what it would take to get an application designed.  

And that would be in the neighborhood of $30,000.  =(

Do I think it's worth it?  YES.  Do I think it would encourage people to give up some of our luxurious spending in turn for thoughtful giving?  YES.  Do I have $30,000 to make this happen?  No =(.

But maybe someone out there in the cybersphere will see this blogspot and also happen to be an iphone application designer =).  And they can HAVE this idea free of charge =).

Oh and by the way, do I have an iphone?  No.  I did for about 4 months until it was stolen.  Would I get one again just for this application?  You betcha.


Amy said...

Love this idea, Amy! I think it's fabulous and something that people would really utilize. I know I would if I had an iphone. :) I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open in case I happen to come across an iphone application developer. Don't hold your breath or anything. :)

Brandi said...

LOVE this idea!!! Wish I knew someone who could make this!!!!

Maybe we should post it on RLC?

I'm going to forward it to Russ!


Totally Desperate Mom said...

Have you tried contacting apple? Maybe they could be charitable and do it????

Amy said...

I would contact Apple, but when I lost my iphone I also lost Steve's (Jobs) direct number. It's impossible to get through his secretary.

On a serious note, in my googling, I also found out that there is no shortage of ideas for applications. It's virtually impossible to get one done without the cash. =(. I mean, an e-mail never hurt anybody, but it's a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong shot.

jody said...

oh man, i love this too!!!
i'll let it keep me up at night for a while....