Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yay Suzie!!!!!!

The WINNER is Suzie for $70!!!!!!!!!

(although the true winners are Becky & Billy right?  Or maybe the true winners are the Berry's who get to bring these adorable kids into their family).

Thank you everyone!  This was such a fun auction to watch with a bunch of new bidders, some from people I'm sure I've never met.  And action right up until the last minute!  So fun.

I am almost done with the next BlackBerry auction item, so stay tuned in the next few days....

And Suzie, please introduce yourself!  How did you find the blog and do you know the Berry's?

Also, please contact me via e-mail so I can get a shipping address from you, and let you know where to send a check to for the Berry adoption fund.  My e-mail is in my profile on the blog.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Auction #4 - Project BlackBerrys Apron

Here it is!!!!

Here's the deal.
 They are such a wonderful family, the twins are going to be sooooo blessed. Here's the irony. It costs a lot of money to adopt orphans. Fees for the agency, fees for the government, fees for background checks, fingerprints, home studies, and travel fees to go get the kids. The good news is, God will provide. Hopefully through the generosity of the people that know and love them, and through perfect strangers who believe giving 2 orphans a home is worthy of some of their latte money.

Here's my latest project. I already mentioned in my last post how much I love this apron. Is that tacky? I don't normally toot my own horn, but I love this fabric. And I bought the last of it from the fabric store - where there wasn't much left.  The apron has long ties to wrap around to the front.  It is made with quality fabric, and is lined and top-stitched.  

I think this would make a great Christmas present for a wife, mom, aunt, niece, grandma, daughter, daughter-in-law, cousin, get my point. Or buy it for yourself!  Who doesn't need a cute new apron, that helped bring 2 orphans home to their forever family?

I'm posting my lame photo of myself in the mirror until I get a picture of my neighbor wearing it. Bear with me. Or is it bare with me?

Now the boring albeit necessary auction details....

Auction Rules/Details

The auction begins NOW, and ends Thursday 9:00 pm PST. You place your bid by posting a comment in THIS POST with your bid amount. Please bid in increments of $5 - and higher.  Let's start it out slow and give everyone a chance to bid.  I LOVE my high-roller bidders, but I don't want people to start thinking it's not worth it to try! Whoever is the highest bid at the time the auction ends (9:00pm - thursday) is the winner.

Shipping costs are covered to anywhere in the 50 states.

The entire amount of the winning bid will go directly to the Berry Family Adoption Fund.  I will give you details of where to send the check.

Let's start the bidding at $10

Let the bidding begin!

*****If anyone wants to post a link from their blog to my blog, I would be ever so grateful.

This is my kick-off project....there will be more items to come!

Auction #4 is almost here

I finished it tonight (I guess technically it's early morning) and I'm so excited to post this new item.  This could be, my most favorite item I've ever made.  And I've made a lot of things.  I love love love this fabric.  And this thing, it can appeal to anybody, or everybody.  If you're starting to think at all about Christmas, you will definitely have somebody you can buy this for.  
Where is it, you ask?  Well, I need a model.  I'm tempted to upload the cruddy pictures of myself in the mirror, but then I have to make the creepy walk out to the office in the dark to upload the pics from my camera to my computer, and well, I'd rather not.  So in the morning, I'm thinking 9-10am~ish I will get them up!  

Remember ~ This is the first of my "Project BlackBerrys" stuff I'm working on.  Let's bring those beautiful children home!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mary, it was all you baby!

2 ADORABLE stockings for $50!

That's $50 that will help rescue a victim.

Thanks everyone for watching the auction.

Please come back, because there will be LOT'S of stuff coming in the next few days. You won't want to miss something super-dee-duper spectacular!

Auction Winner!

Mary,  it was all you baby!

2 ADORABLE stockings for $50!

That's $50 that will help rescue a victim.

Thanks everyone for watching the auction.

Please come back, because there will be LOT'S of stuff coming in the next few days.  You won't want to miss something super-dee-duper spectacular!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Auction #3 is HERE

Just in time for Christmas!  

My sister-in-law (Luke's sister) Lisa, made these darling stockings.  They are beautifully made, and lined inside.  She has such an eye for fabrics (I love the polka dot contrast!).
The auction is for both stockings - they come as a set. (They would make a great gift for newlyweds!)

Auction Rules/Details

The auction begins NOW, and ends Thursday 9:00 pm PST. You place your bid by posting a comment in THIS POST with your bid amount. Please bid in increments of $5 - and higher. Whoever is the highest bid at the time the auction ends (9:00pm - thursday) is the winner.

Shipping costs are covered to anywhere in the 50 states.

The entire amount of the winning bid will go directly to International Justice Mission (IJM) who does an awesome job at rescuing oppressed peoples - child prostitutes, slaves, widows whose land is stolen, and the list goes on.

Let's start the bidding at $10

Let the bidding begin!
Don't forget to tell others about the auction.  You can send out an e-mail to EVERYONE you know, post about it on Facebook, myspace, or YOUR BLOG (my favorite way to communicate!)

For those of you new to this blog and auction business, my purpose is to try to DO SOMETHING in the fight against the MILLIONS of oppressed people.  Right now in 2008, there are people being physically bound in slavery.  Some are labor slaves.  Some are sex slaves.  Some are held in chains.  Some held at gunpoint.  Some held psychologically with threats to harm them or their family members.  And others are held physiologically as their captors have gotten them addicted to drugs like meth, so even though they want to escape, the addiction keeps them bound to their owners.

All that's horrible right?  

Now picture it happening to kids.  Young kids.  7, 6, young as 3 year olds!  Yes, there is a premium price for virgins.  The younger they can find, the better guarantee of the "purity". 

 It is absolutely SICK.  

The problem is SO HUGE, it's easy to get paralyzed into INaction.  
This is my attempt to at least wiggle my pinky toe.  I refuse to sit back and do nothing.  And while this isn't much right now, it's motion, and builds momentum, and HOPEFULLY will inspire a few more to not be paralyzed too.  

So the 
goal right now is to raise money for the people who can actually go to these places and rescue these people.  These kids.  And to PUNISH the perpetrators.  And to bring JUSTICE to those who are being imprisoned in a life of shame, humility, and physical abuse.

Please keep checking back on the blog.  I am going to be giving tangible ideas on how you can DO SOMETHING too.  

Thanks for stopping by.

Auction #3

While I get my act together for Project BlackBerrys, I am going to list one more auction for IJM.  My sister-in-law saw the other auctions and heard Gary Haugen speak and felt led to make something  to auction off for the organization.  

So check back, I hope to have it (them) listed later today....

is the suspense killing you yet?

Friday, October 17, 2008

More on homeless guy encounter

I think what bothered me most about this "meeting" if you will, is that I feel like he was grouping me into this "society" he perceives.  This middle-class, wasteful, plastic-happy, SUV-driving mom, trying to feed a homeless guy to make herself feel better and check off charity work in her bucket list.  

Yes. I am bothered because I felt homeless guy judging ME.  

Dissed by the homeless guy

Luke and 2 of the 3 kids left to go 4-wheeling/camping this weekend, so I decided to get some take-out for me (I already fed Zeke an uber-nutritious meal earlier, OF COURSE).  I pulled into the parking lot of Taco Del Mar and I see a homeless man a few feet from the entrance and right in front of the parking spot I was pulling into.  He kinda looked like thisonly with a thinner face, and possibly...handsome beneath all that hair.  And he was wearing layers and layers of...what looked like large cloth bags.

I panicked, reversed, and decided on another spot where I could avoid homeless guy.  

And then it hit me.

Why?  Why am I trying to avoid him?  

In fact, I think I hear God telling me to BUY HIM DINNER.  

So Zeke and I approach him and I ask if I can buy him dinner.  

He had a gentle face.

Homeless Guy: "I'm not sure.  I'm trying to decide"  (Looking back I think he thought I asked if he was going to eat dinner, not if I could buy it for him)

Me: "trying to decide if you want to eat?  Or decide if you want to eat here?"

Homeless Guy: "both I guess".

Me:  "okay, well I'm going to buy myself some dinner.  You can let me know when I come out".

So I go get my taco salad and come back out.

Me:  "I'd really like to buy you dinner".

Homeless Guy:  "That's okay"

Me:  "Well I really think the Lord is telling me to buy you dinner, and I want to obey"

Homeless Guy:  "I think that plastic thing in your son's mouth is the problem" (referring to Zeke's pacifier)

Me: "Um, okay.  I'll take it out, now can I buy you dinner?"  

Homeless Guy: "You're focusing on appetite and that plastic is the bigger issue.  I'm okay, I had lunch".  

Me: "Okay, take care"...

So there you go.

I'm not sure what to do with all that.  I really thought God was telling me to buy him dinner.  I didn't mean to blow the guy off when he started talking about plastic and stuff, but I was so caught off guard.  

The thing is, the guy didn't seem crazy.  I know the conversation sounds kinda crazy.  But he wasn't.  He seemed normal.  He was more concerned with my son sucking on plastic than about his own belly - which may or may not have been hungry. 

This guy has a story.  Don't know if I'll ever know what it is, but there's a story.  

What's the lesson?

I'll have to get back to you on that one.  

And yes, I am thinking about Zeke sucking on plastic now....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

IJM Benefit Dinner

Tuesday night was the much anticipated IJM Benefit Dinner.  Good times had by all.  I'm so bummed that I didn't take a picture of our table (thanks for coming Amy M, Bea & Liam!), or the other Cornerstone peeps there with us =(.    
Luke, Amy, Kelli & Dave

****No, Luke is not wearing a "cape" haha.  That is my jacket in my hand hanging down behind his back.  

**********And yes that is a burger king cup in his hand.  Him and Dave stopped for a little more nutrition (haha) on the way home.  Apparently the dinner didn't *quite* fill them up.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Here's my little model.  Each shirt is $12 and 
proceeds help feed children in Ethiopia.  Sounds like a good place to Christmas shop....

I bought Zeke 3 shirts - ONLY because he actually needed shirts.  But it felt pretty good buying him something he needed AND feeding a child at the same time.  

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yes, it's still coming

I am still doing the drawing/freebie.  BUT, it will probably not be tomorrow.  But hey, it's my blog so I can procrastinate.  

Right now I am brainstorming my next "project" - that I am VERY excited about.  I am veering a bit from the 'save the world' category, to a 'save 2 specific kids' direction.  Giving them a family.  Not my family, sad to say, but a totally awesome family in San Diego.  In fact, the big BB himself was one of the pastor's that married my sweet hubby and I...or is it hubby and 'me'?  They have found their other 2 kids halfway around the world and are preparing to bring them home after the new year.  I could never do their story justice, so go read about it here - I promise it's not too long!  
It's going to cost some coin to bring these kids home, so I am hoping & praying to be a little help to that.  Once again, trying to turn my few bucks (and time) into some big bucks that will put a dent in the costs.
Check back to see what's going on with "Project BlackBerrys"!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Halleluja! Auction is over and......

The winner is .......

KELLI for $200

Can i just tell you again how awesome all you blog followers are!?!

I am completely humbled by the generosity of you peeps!

Oh, I can't wait until Kelli gets her painting.  I hope every time she looks at it she will remember how her faithfulness to support such a worthy ministry helped FREE someone from oppression.  I hope this painting will always be a reminder to her family of God's faithfulness to His people.  

Thank you everyone who not only bid, but who watched the auction (I know there were LOT'S of you watching, both because of my site counter, and because you told me!)

Praise God!   I am so encouraged.  

Can't wait to post my little drawing give-away.....coming soon!