Saturday, November 15, 2008

Monica Guzman...where are you?

I've been in contact with Monica and all is well.  The bag goes to her.  Sorry Linda =)

Does anybody know Monica Guzman from Hayward?  She is the winner of the bag, and she hasn't contacted me about it since the auction ended.  

If you know her, tell her to drop me an e-mail.  If I don't hear from her in the next few days I will offer it to the next highest bidder.



tracy hanson said...

You are the Sweetest & your kiddos are Beautiful!

linda said...

oh i can't help it - i'm starting to get excited about this - i'm the runner up bidder after monica, and i would totally love to give this adorable bag a home! here's my email, it's the best way to contact me:

i'm one of the san diego bidders who loves the berry family, and is so blessed to have them in our church.

amy, what you are doing is an inspiration to us all! you go girl!

monica said...

Hey Amy, Its me monica guzman! I just posted a comment on the previous post. For some reason on your contact info, im not able to email you. My computer must being doing something funny. Anyhow, My email is I am so excited about the bag. =0) Thank you for all that your doing for the Berry Family. =0)