Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yes, it's still coming

I am still doing the drawing/freebie.  BUT, it will probably not be tomorrow.  But hey, it's my blog so I can procrastinate.  

Right now I am brainstorming my next "project" - that I am VERY excited about.  I am veering a bit from the 'save the world' category, to a 'save 2 specific kids' direction.  Giving them a family.  Not my family, sad to say, but a totally awesome family in San Diego.  In fact, the big BB himself was one of the pastor's that married my sweet hubby and I...or is it hubby and 'me'?  They have found their other 2 kids halfway around the world and are preparing to bring them home after the new year.  I could never do their story justice, so go read about it here - I promise it's not too long!  
It's going to cost some coin to bring these kids home, so I am hoping & praying to be a little help to that.  Once again, trying to turn my few bucks (and time) into some big bucks that will put a dent in the costs.
Check back to see what's going on with "Project BlackBerrys"!


Becky said...

I love the Berry's!!!
Thanks for brainstorming ways to help them out. You are a blessing.

brian c. berry said...

thanks for your friendship and support. you rock.