Friday, October 17, 2008

Dissed by the homeless guy

Luke and 2 of the 3 kids left to go 4-wheeling/camping this weekend, so I decided to get some take-out for me (I already fed Zeke an uber-nutritious meal earlier, OF COURSE).  I pulled into the parking lot of Taco Del Mar and I see a homeless man a few feet from the entrance and right in front of the parking spot I was pulling into.  He kinda looked like thisonly with a thinner face, and possibly...handsome beneath all that hair.  And he was wearing layers and layers of...what looked like large cloth bags.

I panicked, reversed, and decided on another spot where I could avoid homeless guy.  

And then it hit me.

Why?  Why am I trying to avoid him?  

In fact, I think I hear God telling me to BUY HIM DINNER.  

So Zeke and I approach him and I ask if I can buy him dinner.  

He had a gentle face.

Homeless Guy: "I'm not sure.  I'm trying to decide"  (Looking back I think he thought I asked if he was going to eat dinner, not if I could buy it for him)

Me: "trying to decide if you want to eat?  Or decide if you want to eat here?"

Homeless Guy: "both I guess".

Me:  "okay, well I'm going to buy myself some dinner.  You can let me know when I come out".

So I go get my taco salad and come back out.

Me:  "I'd really like to buy you dinner".

Homeless Guy:  "That's okay"

Me:  "Well I really think the Lord is telling me to buy you dinner, and I want to obey"

Homeless Guy:  "I think that plastic thing in your son's mouth is the problem" (referring to Zeke's pacifier)

Me: "Um, okay.  I'll take it out, now can I buy you dinner?"  

Homeless Guy: "You're focusing on appetite and that plastic is the bigger issue.  I'm okay, I had lunch".  

Me: "Okay, take care"...

So there you go.

I'm not sure what to do with all that.  I really thought God was telling me to buy him dinner.  I didn't mean to blow the guy off when he started talking about plastic and stuff, but I was so caught off guard.  

The thing is, the guy didn't seem crazy.  I know the conversation sounds kinda crazy.  But he wasn't.  He seemed normal.  He was more concerned with my son sucking on plastic than about his own belly - which may or may not have been hungry. 

This guy has a story.  Don't know if I'll ever know what it is, but there's a story.  

What's the lesson?

I'll have to get back to you on that one.  

And yes, I am thinking about Zeke sucking on plastic now....

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