Thursday, October 2, 2008

Halleluja! Auction is over and......

The winner is .......

KELLI for $200

Can i just tell you again how awesome all you blog followers are!?!

I am completely humbled by the generosity of you peeps!

Oh, I can't wait until Kelli gets her painting.  I hope every time she looks at it she will remember how her faithfulness to support such a worthy ministry helped FREE someone from oppression.  I hope this painting will always be a reminder to her family of God's faithfulness to His people.  

Thank you everyone who not only bid, but who watched the auction (I know there were LOT'S of you watching, both because of my site counter, and because you told me!)

Praise God!   I am so encouraged.  

Can't wait to post my little drawing give-away.....coming soon!  

1 comment:

Penny Pickles said...

Wow, I am humbled by everyone's generosity! This is amazing - I can't wait to send the painting out later today! Thanks again Kelli!