Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Auction #4 - Project BlackBerrys Apron

Here it is!!!!

Here's the deal.
 They are such a wonderful family, the twins are going to be sooooo blessed. Here's the irony. It costs a lot of money to adopt orphans. Fees for the agency, fees for the government, fees for background checks, fingerprints, home studies, and travel fees to go get the kids. The good news is, God will provide. Hopefully through the generosity of the people that know and love them, and through perfect strangers who believe giving 2 orphans a home is worthy of some of their latte money.

Here's my latest project. I already mentioned in my last post how much I love this apron. Is that tacky? I don't normally toot my own horn, but I love this fabric. And I bought the last of it from the fabric store - where there wasn't much left.  The apron has long ties to wrap around to the front.  It is made with quality fabric, and is lined and top-stitched.  

I think this would make a great Christmas present for a wife, mom, aunt, niece, grandma, daughter, daughter-in-law, cousin, sister...you get my point. Or buy it for yourself!  Who doesn't need a cute new apron, that helped bring 2 orphans home to their forever family?

I'm posting my lame photo of myself in the mirror until I get a picture of my neighbor wearing it. Bear with me. Or is it bare with me?

Now the boring albeit necessary auction details....

Auction Rules/Details

The auction begins NOW, and ends Thursday 9:00 pm PST. You place your bid by posting a comment in THIS POST with your bid amount. Please bid in increments of $5 - and higher.  Let's start it out slow and give everyone a chance to bid.  I LOVE my high-roller bidders, but I don't want people to start thinking it's not worth it to try! Whoever is the highest bid at the time the auction ends (9:00pm - thursday) is the winner.

Shipping costs are covered to anywhere in the 50 states.

The entire amount of the winning bid will go directly to the Berry Family Adoption Fund.  I will give you details of where to send the check.

Let's start the bidding at $10

Let the bidding begin!

*****If anyone wants to post a link from their blog to my blog, I would be ever so grateful.

This is my kick-off project....there will be more items to come!


Penny Pickles said...

That is so cute!!! Let's start - $10!

brian c. berry said...

you rock. thanks for your help! I'm bidding my support and appreciation for all who bid and quite simply for your friendship. Thank you!

Suzie said...

Really Cute!!! I'll jump it to $20.

Shauna said...


Terpstra East said...

$40... you know I'm drooling, right Amy? :) Plus I wanna see pictures of those kids with their siblings and parents this January!!!

Michele Melvin said...

$50.00- Amy that is beautiful. I think you are doing an amazing thing. I hope they can bring the kids home soon.

neely said...

$55- i love the berry family. I work with Brian...what a small world!

Brandi said...

crap! It's out of my price range already.. .could we place orders? If you want to start an etsy store with those aprons, I'll buy a couple!

Good luck. . keep the bidding going!


Katie said...

I'm in for $60! Love it!! But love the cause way more!

Amy Taylor said...

I'm so curious who Katie is....????
I know a couple Katie's....could be one of them. Or it could be someone I don't even know.
And will Katie be the winner?
Oooooooh the suspense!

monica said...

$65- I cant wait to meet the BlackBerrys! This is way cool that you're doing this. =0)

suzie said...

Yay...i'm in for $70!

suzie said...

Yay! It's 9:00. :-) I think I win a REALLY cute apron! And so happy to help bring Billy & Becky home!

Amy Taylor said...

Yay Suzie!

berrytribe said...

Brian and I are so humbled and grateful!! THANK YOU for everyone's effort. Can't wait to share fun pics of us picking Billy and Becky up!! Suzie-how cute you will be in your sweet apron!! :) Amy, your effort to help is unbelievable!! Thank you, Dear One!!