Monday, September 29, 2008

Auction #2 has started!!!!

This beautiful painting is an original by Anne Page of Penny Pickles.  It is an 8 x 8 canvas, done with acrylics, sealed and framed with a simple wooden frame.  (click on the picture to see it larger and  get a better feel for the details)

A note from the artist:  
The title of the painting is Noah's Window - the reason I chose this is because I think the sense of hope that the dove gave to Noah and his family is very much the same type of hope that the money generated from this auction will bring.  The hope that IJM brings to so many that are oppressed in our world.  I'd like to think that Noah, although faithful, looked out a window of the ark and saw the dove with the olive branch and exclaimed, "Amen, Praise the Lord, for He is good and He will care for us all!"

A few months ago I bought a custom piece from Annie for Genevieve's room.  I absolutely fell in love with it when I received it.  (The details in her work simply can't be captured with a photo).  Annie follows this blog and when she saw the Justice Giraffe auction, she volunteered to do a piece to auction off as well.  I was thrilled!  

Auction Rules/Details

The auction begins NOW, and ends Thursday 9:00 pm PST.  You place your bid by posting a comment in THIS POST with your bid amount.  Please bid in increments of $5.  Whoever is the highest bid at the time the auction ends (9:00pm - thursday) is the winner. 

Shipping costs are covered to anywhere in the lower 48 states. 

The entire amount of the winning bid will go directly to International Justice Mission (IJM) who does an awesome job at rescuing oppressed peoples - child prostitutes, slaves, widows whose land is stolen, and the list goes on.

Let's start the bidding at $20

Let the bidding begin! 


Crissa said...

Thank you Amy for supporting the work of IJM! We so greatly appriciate it and your art work is beautiful.

brenda Madsen said...

I bid $25.00 Let the bidding begin!
I love the story this picture 'paints'. Noah's trust in the faithfulness of God~God's hope in the faithfulness of man.

Kelli said...

Love the painting and your passion! I bid $30

Anonymous said...

Thank Amy for your continued dedication to this cause. You are making a difference!

BID $40

Kelli Luck said...

I have a nice spot for that...I bid$45

Mary Nathan said...


Kelli Luck said...

Game on Mary...$80

brenda Madsen said...

$100. Amy~you didn't mean we can only increase our bids by $5, right?
I think we need some big increments! Come on!

Amy Taylor said...

Feel free to bid as high as you want!

I just wanted a minimum of $5 increments =)

You gals ROCK!

Kelli Luck said...


Anonymous said...


mmwn b $ td 23