Monday, September 8, 2008

Benefit Dinner and stuff

Next month is the IJM Benefit Dinner.  One thing I am NOT going to do (which I might have done in the past) is buy something new to wear to the event.  It would be counter-productive.  I want to live a more responsible life, being less of a consumer so that I have more to give.  I want to encourage anyone going to the IJM Benefit to not buy anything new.  Wear what you have or borrow from a friend.  

***By the way, I am also NOT wearing a red-carpet gown.  The picture is just meant to be fun. :) 

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Brandi said...

So, I'm a little far away to join you for dinner. . but I went on the IJM website and saw that they are planning one for Orlando. I emailed to see if I can help! Yeah!