Thursday, September 11, 2008

Uncomfortable in my own house

A woman's home is supposed to be her pride.  But the truth of the matter is I am a horrible homemaker/housekeeper.  What's that saying about 'a home for everything' or 'each thing has it's place'?  Well my home is the complete opposite of that.  Nothing has a home, so I can't find anything, and there is way too much of everything.  I was not blessed with the "organizational gene", and to naturally organized people, they don't understand how it is not "common sense".  But let me tell you, people - it's not.  There are some of us, who it just does not come naturally.  I'm guessing it comes with the territory of being highly distractible, so tasks often get interrupted for long periods of time.  Some people are creative, some people are organized, and some people are blessed with both.  It's the latter that I am jealous of.  I've tried FlyLady, I've tried systems, and much to my husbands dismay, nothing works long term.  I fall back into my chaotic, barely keeping my-head-above-water ways.  

I realize that part of the problem with "order" in my house is having too much stuff.  But I have been stuck with what to do.  Sending it off to goodwill is frustrating, it's like a feel-good garbage bin. Our whole country has too much.  The poor in America still have "stuff". ' There seems to be no shortage of stuff.  I want to give my stuff to someone who NEEDS it.  Who will appreciate it.  Who it will bless.  It is very hard to find that in this country.  The poor here just want "new" stuff.  The Giving Trees here at church and schools who ask that we buy things for the less fortunate in our communities, ask for nicer items than my own kids have.

So I have been struggling with this.   I am tired of living in my house full of stuff, when there are so many people in the world who don't have enough.  Not only do they not have shelter or food, but no luxuries, nothing extra.  So I'm going to send them my stuff.  I know that in a lot of ways it doesn't make sense from a financial standpoint.  The money I will spend on shipping could have bought waaaay more things purchased in country.  But this makes sense to me.  I have stuff and others don't.  I will give them mine.  And it's the first time in a long time that I feel truly motivated to go through our stuff and get some order in our house.
Now my next challenge is finding a place where I can send myself.  
More on that journey later.
Off to pick up a preschooler!

****I just went back and reread my post and caught this error~ "Now my next challenge is finding a place where I can send myself" error, or is it a Freudian slip?

********Oh, and not exactly sure what this has to do with "justice", but still wanted to share =)

*************And...I was going to post a picture of my chaotic house (in humility of course), but then I thought - "I better clean up first" - and that would defeat the purpose.  So I guess I'm not ready to be completely transparent =)


berrytribe said...

You're right!! The organizational "thing" is not common sense. You either have it or you don't, and I'd like to think that I DO have common sense. :) I, like you, DON'T have the organizational gene. And, while I constantly aspire for organized spaces, I'm just not good at it. I support your mission to clear out the "stuff". Funny, I've had that same thought as of late. Keep me posted where you find to send it. Maybe it's the answer I've been waiting for too.
Love following your journey--keep pressing on!!
--shannon berry

Terpstra East said...

Loved reading this post Amy, 'cuz I've been purging my house and closets as well. Seriously, when you can get rid of 5 garbage bags full of clothes and still have PLENTY to wear..... ridiculous. I've been thoroughly convicted of my own excess. Anyhow, just wanted to cheer you on. Keep up the good work!