Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Losing Momentum....

and complacency setting in.   My heart isn't complacent, but my will to 'keep doing' is struggling.  The daily rigors of life with 3 kids makes thinking globally a real challenge.  
How do I keep my heart soft for the oppressed, and my will on fire to make change?  Not sure yet. Trying to figure it out. Right now my plan of action is to keep praying and keep educating myself.  And sometimes I go back and look at my pictures from our trips to Kenya.  I look at pictures of the kids living on the streets, and of those that are now in the Rohi Children's Home we support.  That is a reminder to me of how we can be used to change lives if we are willing.  I love those kids.

These are our Kenyan sons that we support.  We feel so blessed that we have gotten to meet them and spend time with them TWICE!  Dane was 19 months and Genevieve was 3.5 years.  She still remembers the trip, and the boys, but I want to take them back before they forget (Dane has no memories of the trip). Oh how I wish I could bring these boys home to live with us.  But they are taken well care of at the home.  And I pray that they will grow up to be great leaders in their own country.  

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