Thursday, September 4, 2008

The winner is...

Drumroll please.....
Michelle for $500!!!!!!!

I am completely in awe, and so thankful for everyone who watched the auction.  Of course the winning bid completely exceeded my expectations.  

Yeah for IJM!  I'm so excited they will receive this money.  

Michelle, once you donate the $ to IJM (I'm guessing you will do this through their website), send me a copy of the receipt and I will deliver the giraffe!

I am planning to hold more auctions in the future (although not likely another giraffe).  I have had a couple offers from people to donate some of their items for an auction, and I'm really excited about that.  So check back in so you don't miss out.  I'm going to continue my usual postings in the meantime.  Still love to here your comments.... =)

1 comment:

Penny Pickles said...

congratulations - what an amazing testament in what people can do with a small idea that grows.

thanks too amy, for the link. i've got the painting started, i can't wait to finish it up and help raise money through your auction. it is my absolute pleasure to do so!