Thursday, August 28, 2008

Call + Response

Call + Response

A documentary featuring the world's most hidden secret - slave trafficking -  is coming to theatre's  near you this fall.  First tangible act YOU can do - go see this film - and drag everyone you know to see it.  The first thing society can do to help this problem, is not ignore it anymore.  To really see the face of it.  The ugly, dirty, secret face of it.


Becky said...

You've got more readers than you think. They just don't all comment. Keep it up. I've been with you since the first post.

brenda Madsen said...

my1 I agree with Becky. You are 'bookmarked' on my computer and I check out your blog at least once a week. It is very inspiring!
I saw the 'rough cut' of Call + Response. It left me speechless. I am praying it makes a HUGE impact.
I will forward your blog to friends of mine. The army is growing.
Stay Strong.

Penny Pickles said...

wow is all i have to say, i just found your blog off of betsy's site. wow - truly eye opening. i think the comment that hit me the most was if you aren't looking for it you won't see it. guilty as charged.

kev said...

hey there. just wanted to say that I read too. also, nice work with the c+r shout-out. such a great film. i actually worked there for a bit, and there's so many great people trying to make it happen, but they need all the help they can get!