Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've realized that while I've claimed to be "following Jesus" these last 16 years, I have been following Him with limitations...that I set.  I was willing to serve Him in the capacity of my comfortable home in Pleasanton, where it was really important that my kids were established in a neighborhood and could have the same friends from kindergarten through graduation.  Yep, that really was a top priority to me.  
I was willing to "sacrifice" some money; you know, 10% tithing and various other ministries that we chose to support.  We were even sooooo missions-minded that we were "willing" to take our young children to Africa with us for 3 weeks.  Ha!
While I never told God "I will serve you from Pleasanton, and with this much $", that is exactly what I was doing.  And I'm ashamed.
I can now honestly say that I will serve Him in His capacity, wherever, and sacrificially.   Maybe that will be here in Pleasanton, and if it is, I know that I will be called to do much more than I ever dreamed.  And maybe we will be called to physically go feed the hungry in Sudan, or to the inner city of Bankok to rescue children from brothels, or maybe to China where we will be led to adopt one of the thousands of little girls who are family-less.   All are terrifying to me.  But more terrifying, is not being in His will, and not taking care of the oppressed, the hungry, the abused, the forgotten.  
Luke was afraid that we would not be led in the same direction, and that would cause conflict between us.  But I have faith that God will lead us together, and if we are not together, we are not listening to Him.  
So now my prayer is "Bring it on God, bring it on".   (Stolen from Catherine Rohr the founder of PEP - Prison Entrenpeneur Program).  

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