Tuesday, August 26, 2008

checking in

I think I'm up to 5 or 6 readers.  At this rate, I might have 10 by  Christmas :)

Anywho, I'm not getting much sleep lately.  And I am constantly in a state of deep thought.  
My poor kids.  "Mom.   Mooooooommmm - did you hear me?"  
This justice thing is all-consuming.  How was I so asleep before?  How did I just enjoy my American Dream life without being concerned about others in the world who don't have basic needs?  How could I be so shallow?  I vow to never go back.

Okay, so I guess I need to get my very cute something done and get it up for auction so one of my 5 readers can bid on it.  Off to go work on it now :)


Mary Nathan said...

Not sure how you're counting, but I'm reading! I love your passion....you go girl!

Wendy Hagen said...

I didn't know about your blog sister. But now I do.