Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shout out to my readers

So I've had a handful of people e-mail me to tell me they are following my blog. And I'm going to "out" them :)

Thank You blog readers

Brian King of Napa
Tracy Jurasek of Apple Valley
Kate Kalsbeek of Castro Valley (she commented about this blog on my family blog)
Debbie Texeira of San Leandro (she commented about this blog on my family blog)
Matt Moore

Readers that have posted a comment on this blog:
Cami Terpstra
Mary Nathan
Heather Lettus
Amy Moxley
The Brunk
Brian Berry
Bonnie Monk
Lyn from IJM HQ
Brenda Madsen
Elaine Mendenhall

This is kind of fun. I may periodically make a roll call of my readers.

Woo-Hoo! 14 readers!!! Now I just need to make sure I keep it interesting enough so that you all come back!

Your readership means the world to me, especially your COMMENTS!  It's the comments that keep me going on this blog journey.  :)


Heather said...

hey amy you know you can get a blog stat counter... won't tell you the names of your readers but you can at least know that people are reading (and where!)
wondering what fun thing you are going to make to auction....

Amy Taylor said...

Thanks for the suggestion Heather! I did download a site tracker, and everyday it sends me my stats - 0 readers. It's not working right. I'll have to look into another one.

And yes, I need to get that auction item done ;)

Anonymous said...

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