Friday, August 15, 2008

First tangible action

So it's time to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.  I've been doing a lot of talk about DOING SOMETHING, yet am still trying to figure out what I CAN do.  I'm still in that process, but am tired of waiting, so I'm going to make my first move.  
Right now I'm not sure how I can tangibly do something besides send money to a well-respected established organization like IJM.  So that's what I'm going to do.  But I want to do more than just send in what I can afford.  I want to multiply my money.  I want to use my money (and dare I say skills) to bring in even MORE money.  Your money :)
So I'm going to hold an ONLINE AUCTION for a very cute something that I'm going to make. The winning bid will receive this very cute something, and I will donate the ENTIRE amount to IJM.  In fact, I don't even want the money to touch my hands.  I will have the winning bidder send the money directly to IJM, and when they send me the receipt for their donation, I will send them the very cute something.  I will cover shipping too!  
Are you intrigued?  
The key to this online auction is to have a lot of people watching the auction, and hopefully bidding!  The hard part is, I have NO IDEA how many people are reading this blog.  I signed up with some site tracker thing, but it's not working.  It says there has been zero views - which is impossible because I have like 8 comments and a handful of e-mails from people who have been on the blog.  So I'm asking that everyone please post a comment to let me know you were here, so I can see what kind of readership I have.  I'm also asking that once I get the auction item listed, you will help me by telling everyone you know (via e-mail, facebook, myspace, forums, etc) to check out the blog and the auction.  I'm *hoping* that people will bid higher than usual knowing that their money is going to a GREAT organization to help rescue oppressed people.  
So what do you think?  
Please post a comment to let me know you were here!!!!!

***PS -I'm going to be gone on vacay next week, I *might* be able to blog via my iphone, not sure yet.  I hope to have the very cute something listed sometime the following week.  I'm hoping Monday the 25th.  But no promises!


Lyn said...

Hi Amy,
This is certainly intriguing what "something" is, and we at IJM are encouraged to hear about how you're supporting the work of IJM in the best way you can! Have you also heard of Gary's latest book, Just Courage, which hopes to inspire people to deepen their calling to justice? Thank you for your post, Lyn from IJM HQ

brian c. berry said...


I'm super proud of you for deciding to take some new risks as a follower of Jesus. I loved the summit too and I'm following your pursuits on this blog and your family one too.

serving jesus with you,

Brian C. Berry

Terpstra East said...

Hi Amy! Haven't been online a whole lot, but thought I'd blog-read this morning since it was quiet... so add me to your readership! Now you have 3!!! (Woo-hoo!) Well, we're just going to have to get you some more publicity. And do the auction anyhow. Whatever you make I'm sure will be cool... and I'll enjoy it since I'm going to win :)

TNgeekmomma said...

Hey Amy. I am a new blogger, and I am glad I found you. I am another reader. And I am very encouraged by your stand.

kristy Howell said...

Hey you,
Long time no speak. I think this is great and I will support you and pass this imfo on to my friends. I feel like you have really touched on something, both internally and externally. I'll be back next week!

mommy zabs said...

I think what you are doing is great! That money will be blessed :)